At the outcome of the Grand Prix CompetitionRules, the following prizes will be awarded:

Trophy Silver Medal Bronze Medal

The Grand Prix Competition winner will receive a ‘Seahorse’ (the decoration of the Venetian Gondola), in Murano glass and especially hand-crafted for the Competition. The second prize-winner and the third prize winners will also receive a beautiful sculpture in Murano glass.

The winning Choir and the runner up will also have the honour to sing the Sunday concert at the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

The Jury will award the best performance of a piece by Claudio Monteverdi, which can be used in each of the categories A, B and E. The winning choir will receive a Diploma of Merit.

The Jury will also award with a Diploma of Merit and a sculpture in Murano glass the best Conductor of the entire Competition. The Committee reserves the right to add other prizes.

Choirs will be judged according the following criteria:


The jury may award a maximum of 100 points for each choir, as follows:

95,01-100,00:            Outstanding
85,01-95,00:              Excellent
80,01-85,00:              Very Good
75,01-80,00:              Good
65,01-75,00:              Moderate

According to the mark achieved in categories A, B and E Bronze, Silver and Gold Diplomas will be awarded. If the choir does not achieve a Diploma (mark under 65,01) it will receive a certificate of participation. Each member of the Jury will write a report containing reviews and impressions about the performed repertoire of the choirs. The reports, in English or in Italian will be sent to the choirs by email.

Diploma Level Points
Bronze Diploma 1 65,01 – 70,00
2 70,01 – 75,00
Silver Diploma 1 75,01 – 80,00
2 80,01 – 85,00
Gold Diploma 1 85,01 – 90,00
2 90,01 – 95,00
3 95,01 – 100,00
 Trophy First Prize Trophies Second and Third Prize Trophy Best Conductor