Claudio Monteverdi Choral Competition 18-21 February 2025


  18th February 2025 (Basilica of San Giovanni e Paolo) h. 19:00 non competitive concert with the participating choirs   19th FEBRUARY 2025 (Church of San Stae) h. 14:00 Category E, Sacred Music (Mixed Adult’s, Equal...


Download the Rules (in English) Scarica il Regolamento (in Italiano) Please read these rules carefully. Enrollments for the ‘Claudio Monteverdi International Choral Competition’ (see the Entry Form) must be sent by the Entry e-form before...


Basilica di San Giovanni and Paolo The church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo – sometimes also referred to as San Zanipolo – is one of Venice’s largest churches, and it was built to honor Sts....


Welcome to the Claudio Monteverdi Choral Festival and Competition!

Among those who’ve seen it in person, the conclusion is unanimous: Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, and the only one that can truly be described as unique.

Each building is a work of art, with their beauty enhanced when reflected on the canals that cross the city. Its magical scenery is fascinating and breathtaking at first sight, evoking the feeling of entering the setting of a real-life fairy tale. It’s perhaps even unfair to all other cities to call Venice a city, as it is a place unlike any other, that no other can compare to, or ever be like.

For these reasons I warmly invite your choir at the only choral competition that really takes part in Venice (and not in the neighbouring places, such as Jesolo or Caorle…). You will sing inside beautiful Churches, such as San Stae, San Pietro a Castello, San Giovanni e Paolo. And if you are the lucky winners of the Grand Prix you will have the honour to sing a concert inside the astonishing Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli. Then you can extend your staying in Venice for the weekend to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the famous Carnival. You can check our proposals of tour in Northern Italy, South of Italy and from Rome to Venice (or viceversa) in 10 days.

Do come to Venice to enjoy the Claudio Monteverdi Choral Festival and Competition

Andrea Angelini
Artistic Director of the Competition

Your Experience in Venice

sing, tour, taste the food in the most astonishing city of the world

Rehearse in Venice

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Wonders of Venice

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Tasting Food

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listen what has been said regarding the competition

Greetings from Tommyanto Kandisaputra

 Hi, I am Tommyanto Kandisaputra. Now I am in Venice I am doing adjudication in Claudio Monteverdi International Choir Festival. This place is fantastic...
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Greetings from Anna Ungureanu

 I am Anna Ungureanu, the conductor of the Corul Madrigal from Romania, and I’m enjoying the Claudio Monteverdi Choral Festival here in Venice. Wonderful...
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