17th October 2019 (Basilica of San Giovanni e Paolo)

h. 20:00 non competitive concert with all participating choirs

18th October 2019  (Church of San Stae)

Afternoon: Category E, Sacred Music (Mixed Adult’s, Equal Voices Adult’s, Children’s and Youth Choirs)


19th October 2019 (Basilica of San Pietro di Castello)

Morning: Category B, ‘Mixed Adult’s Choirs’ and ‘Equal Voices Adult’s Choirs’
 Category C, ‘Mixed Adult’s Choirs’ and ‘Equal Voices Adult’s Choirs’ Non-Competitive

Afternoon: Category A, ‘Children and Youth Choirs’

Category C, ‘Children and Youth Choirs’ Non-Competitive

Evening: Category X, ‘Grand Prix Competition’ – Awarding Ceremony


20th October 2019 (Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli)

Morning: Final concert for the winner and the Choir arriving second at the Grand Prix


The places of the Competition