29th June 2017 (Church of San Giovanni e Paolo)

h. 20:00 non competitive concert with choirs:

Maîtrise de Seine-Maritime (France)

Choir of Obuda University (Hungary)

Šaleški Akademski Pevski Zbor (Slovenia)

30th June 2017  (Church of San Pietro di Castello)

h. 10:30 Category E, Sacred Music (Mixed Adult’s, Equal Voices Adult’s, Children’s and Youth Choirs)

During Jury Meeting Corfu Children’s Choir (Greece) will perform a short concert


1st July 2017 (Auditorium Santa Margherita)

h. 10:00 Category B, ‘Mixed Adult’s Choirs’ and ‘Equal Voices Adult’s Choirs’
h. 11:00 Category A, ‘Children and Youth Choirs’

h. 16:00 Category X, ‘Grand Prix Competition’ – Awarding Ceremony



2nd July 2017 (The Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari)

Holy Mass at the Church of Frari sung by the winning choir of Category X, the Grand Prix


The places of the Competition